Growing Regions
White tea originated from China and was first discovered in 1885 but due to production of a limited crop open leaf white tea production didn’t begin till 1922. 
Since then other regions of India and Sri Lanka now produce grow and process white tea varieties as well. 

Production of White Tea
In producing the finest white tea, the Silver Needle, harvested only during a few days in spring, is made of the first tender, unopened buds, still covered by fine white hairs that gives the tea its silvery look. This delicate tea is carefully harvested by hand. In other styles, the newest leaves are freshly plucked just after opening and are spread out until they are completely dried.

Brewing white tea
White tea is very delicate and should be brewed with care. Use freshly boiled water, and let the temperature drop to around 85-95 decress Celcius, depending on type of white tea. Pour the hot water over the leaves and brew for recommended time. 

With most white tea leaves you can use the same leaves for a second and third brew. And each steeping will reveal another element of flavour.