Sencha Soursop
Sencha Soursop
Sencha Soursop
Sencha Soursop

Sencha Soursop

Green Tea 100 gr
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The fruity flavour of the tropical fruit Soursop combined with green Sencha provides a perfect balance of grassy undertones from the green tea and the soft sweetness from the Soursop fruit. Refreshing green tea, served hot or chilled.


Sencha Soursop Blend of green sencha tea with a deliciously fruity flavour of tropical soursop fruit and  sprinkles of the dried soursop fruit.The blend has a light sweetness which is perfectly balanced with the somewhat grassy tones from the green tea. A great tea blend for any occasion, served hot or chilled.
Use 1-2 tsp per 150 ml water, brew for 1-2 minutes in hot water (80-85°C). For a sweeter brew, add some brown sugar or honey

Packed in resealable foil bag.

Product Details

Brewing Time
1-2 min
Brewing Temp.
80-85 °C
Green tea (Camellia sinensis),pieces of dried soursop fruit, natural soursop flavour.
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