Irish Breakfast

Black Tea 100 gr
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With the luck of the Irish we developed a strong, full-bodied tea with a fresh taste enriched with a light touch of malty undertones.  Enjoy on its own or with milk as desired.



Irish Breakfast is a strong tea full-bodied breakfast blend (stronger than English Breakfast), with a fresh aroma and a malty, rich flavour that makes it the perfect companion with a hearty breakfast, and can be served with our without milk.Use 1 tsp. per cup, brew in hot water (98-99ºC) for 1-2 minutes if served without milk, 2-3 minutes if served with milk. If you want add extra strength to your milky tea, add some extra tea rather than extending the brewing time.

Packed in air-tight bag in box.

Product Details

Sri Lanka
Brewing Time
1-3 min
Brewing Temp.
98-99 °C
Suitable with milk
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