Lychee Delight

Green Tea 100 gr
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Green sencha tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers and dried pieces of fruit and berries in perfect harmony with the succulent flavours of strawberry and lychee.
Serve hot or chilled.


Refreshingly delicious, this delightful and elegant sencha green tea has a sweet, succulent taste of lychee fruit with a touch of strawberry. The carefully balanced flavours are perfectly partnered with noble rose petals, jasmine flowers and pieces of freeze-dried strawberries and lychee fruit. The blend makes a luscious infusion that is a delight served either hot or chilled.

Do not use boiling water when making this green tea as too hot water will result in a bitter brew.

Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Lychee with hints of strawberry
Suitable for iced tea
Yes, makes an excellent iced tea
Type of Tea
Flavoured green tea
Blended in Germany, packed in Australia
Brewing Time
1-2 min
Brewing Temp.
80-85 °C
Green tea , freeze-dried strawberry and lychee pieces, rose petals, jasmine flowers, natural flavours (lychee and strawberry)
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