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London Fog
London Fog
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London Fog

Black Tea 100 gr
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Enjoy this delicious Earl Grey variety, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Best enjoyed black or as a frothy London Fog latte.


A delicious variety of the famous London Fog tea. Premium Earl Grey with smooth vanilla and a bit of cinnamon makes a wonderful and tasty beverage. Enjoy it black, or make a London Fog Latte. To make one serve of London Fog Latte, make a strong brew, using 2-3 tsp. per mug, brew in hot water (98-99°C), for 1-2 mins. Fill the mug halfway with tea, add some brown sugar and stir. Top up with frothed milk and sprinkle on top with cinnamon. Serve hot. Simply delicious. 

Packed in air-tight foil bag.

Product Details

Suitable for iced tea
Blended in Australia using imported ingredients
Brewing Time
3-4 min
Brewing Temp.
99-100 °C
Black tea, cinnamon chips, bergamot (earl grey), natural flavours.
Suitable with milk
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