Genmai Cha (Australia)
Genmai Cha (Australia)
Genmai Cha (Australia)
Genmai Cha (Australia)

Genmai Cha (Australia)

Green Tea 100 gr
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Get toasty and snug with the rich aroma of roasted rice and Australian Sencha green tea on a gloomy afternoon.


100 % Australian grown and produced Genmai Cha. Genmai Cha is a Japanese type of green tea with roasted rice. It has a rich aroma and a pleasantly toasty flavour. Genmai Cha is sometimes referred to as popcorn tea because of the aroma from the ‘popped rice’.

Use a generous teaspoon of tea per cup and brew the tea for 2-3 minutes in hot water, 80-85º C. 

Packed in air-tight foil bag.

Product Details

Brewing Time
2-3 minutes.
Brewing Temp.
Sencha green tea, roasted rice.
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