Bourbon Vanilla

Black Tea 100 gr
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Velvety smooth vanilla tea with pieces of real  bourbon vanilla pods. The tea has a lovely, sweet aroma with a delicious taste of vanilla. 


Deliciously smooth and flavourful, this tea is carefully infused with vanilla essence and blended with pieces of real vanilla pods. The medium-bodied tea has a sweet, delectable, and enticing aroma matched by an exquisite, luxurious taste of vanilla. Enjoy this classic on its own or dressed up with a dash of milk. Add some brown sugar or honey for a sweeter brew if preferred.
Brewing time 2-4 minutes.
Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Blended in Germany from imported ingredients.
Brewing Time
2-4 minutes
Brewing Temp.
99-100 °C
Black tea (Camellia sinensis), vanilla pod pieces, flavour..
Suitable with milk
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