Tropical Passion

Green Tea 100 gr
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Transcend into a tropical paradise with this delicate blend of green and white tea mixed with succulent fruits and a luscious taste of delicious passionfruit.


Experience the taste of tropical paradise with this exquisite blend of high-grade green and white teas, infused with succulent tropical fruits and the tantalizing essence of passionfruit. Enjoyed hot or chilled, every sip is like a sun-kissed bliss.

Do not use boiling water when making this green tea as too hot water will result in a bitter brew.

Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Tropical fruit.
Suitable for iced tea
Yes, makes an excellent iced tea
Type of Tea
Flavoured green tea
Blended in Germany, packed in Australia
Brewing Time
2-3 min
Brewing Temp.
80-85 °C
Green tea (76%), white tea (10%), pawpaw cubes (papaya, sugar), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), flavouring, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry pieces.
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