Green Wellbeing Organic

Green Wellbeing Organic

Green Tea 100 gr
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Relax and unwind with a pleasant, light, and minty green tea blend, perfect for after a meal. Can be enjoyed as a hot or iced beverage.


Green Wellbeing Organic A light and refreshing organic blend with premium green tea and herbs believed stimulate and rejuvenate the immune system, aid in reducing stress and to help maintain a general wellbeing. Rich in antioxidants and with a pleasant, lightly minty taste this tea is perfect as an after meal refresher or anytime of the day when you need to relax and wind down. Can be served hot or chilled.
Use 1-2 tsp. per cup (200ml), pour hot water over and brew for 2-4 minutes.

Packed in air-tight foil bag.

Product Details

Blended in Australia using imported and/or local ingredients
Brewing Time
2-4 min
Brewing Temp.
85-95 °C
Green tea, ginger, spearmint, tulsi (sacred basil), rose petals, echinacea, lemon balm, peppermint, calendula (all-organic ingredients).
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