Peppermint Organic
Peppermint Organic
Peppermint Organic
Peppermint Organic

Peppermint Organic

Herbal Infusion 50 gr
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Refreshing, organic peppermint tea with a deliciously minty taste is the perfect treat after a heavy meal as it is effective in aiding digestion and can relieve an upset stomach.


Peppermint Tea Organic makes refreshing, calming and invigorating herbal infusion. Great as an after meal tea. Use a teaspoon-full of leaves for each cup, brew for 3-5 minutes in hot water. Strain off the leaves, enjoy as it is or with added honey or sugar for a sweeter brew. Steep in hot water for 3-5 minutes, strain off the leaves.

Free from caffeine, artificial flavouring, additives and colourings.

Packed in foil lined paper bag.

Product Details

Suitable for iced tea
Brewing Time
3-5 min
Brewing Temp.
98-100 °C
Organic peppermint leaves.
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