Chocolate & Orange

Herbal Blend 100 gr
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Decadent and delicious, this rooibos blend is a real treat with its indulgent taste of rich chocolate paired with zesty orange. Great anytime and perfect as a dessert tea. 


Intensely chocolaty with zesty notes of sweet oranges, this rooibos blend is like a vibrant flamenco dance in each sip. Decadent and delicious, the classic combination of chocolate and orange paired with the toasty taste of rooibos is a fiesta for the tastebuds. Totally caffeine free, it can be savoured anytime throughout the day.

ALLERGY INFORMATION! Contains soy lechitin.

Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Suitable for iced tea
Chocolate and orange
Type of Tea
Rooibos (herbal) blend, flavoured
Origin South Africa. Packed in Australia.
Brewing Time
8-10 minutes
Brewing Temp.
99-100 °C
Rooibos, chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin), orange peel, flavouring.
Suitable with milk
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