Marrakesh Minty Tea

Green Tea 100 gr
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Moroccan-style green tea with a crisp, fresh aroma and deliciously minty taste.

Makes a soothing and refreshingly tasty brew, served on its own or with food. Enjoy hot or chilled.


Premium, green gunpowder tea mixed with crisp spearmint and natural peppermint oil, this tea is a true reminder of the famous green mint tea served in Morocco.
With its fresh, minty aroma and exquisite minty taste, it makes a soothing and relaxing brew that can be served any time of the day, on its own or with sweet or savoury food.
For an authentic Moroccan taste, add some sugar to sweeten the brew. Enjoy this refreshingly minty tea hot or chilled and dream away to vibrant markets in a faraway land.
Packed in air-tight bag.

Product Details

Suitable for iced tea
Blended in Germany from imported products. Packed in Australia.
Brewing Time
2-4 min
Brewing Temp.
85-95 °C
Green gunpowder tea, crushed spearmint leaves, peppermint oil.
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