Jasmine Oolong

Oolong 100 gr
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True Jasmine oolong, naturally scented with fresh, fragrant jasmine blossoms.


This unique and exceptional oolong tea is a true Jasmine Oolong, scented by layering lightly oxidized tea leaves with layers of fresh, fragrant jasmine flowers. This process is repeated several times until the tea gets its wonderful, floral fragrance and taste. After this, the jasmine flowers are sieved out so almost no blossoms are left among the tea leaves, leaving a delicate tea that is highly fragrant and a delight for the palate. 

Use one teaspoon of tea per cup, and brew for 3-4 minutes in hot water (85-90°C). Do not use boiling water on this oolong as it can result in a bitter brew.

Packed in air-tight bag.

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Brewing Time
3-4 minutes
Brewing Temp.
85-90 °C
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